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2015 Training Packages:

2 month CTS coaching package $400

Full-service coaching packages to meet your needs.


CTS coaching packages deliver tremendous value at all service levels. All packages feature hand-crafted training plans, frequent communication using whatever method you prefer, and schedule adjustments to keep you on track. But what makes CTS special is our people; you’ll have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with an expert who only wants to see you succeed.


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You’ll get a training plan hand-built by a CTS Expert Coach, a Premium TrainingPeaks account to log your workouts, power file analysis by your coach, weekly schedule reviews and adjustments, and a weekly communication plan based on your preferences.

Package Details
  • Hand-built training schedule
  • Experienced and certified CTS Expert Coach
  • Weekly communication and expert analysis of power files, heart rate files, and/or GPS training files
  • Communication plan can include phone, email, text, TrainingPeaks Premium Account, and web services like Skype.
  • Learn techniques and strategies for optimal performance
Learn what makes CTS unique.

We love sports science and can analyze your data like nobody’s business, but that’s not what makes CTS successful. Your coach is an expert in coaching, and we believe that inspiring, guiding, and supporting athletes are the most important components of being a successful coach. Training improves data, but coaching inspires you to achieve even more.  Click here to find out more about us.  

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2015 CTS Camps

January Santa Ynez Climbing Camp– $1149
February Tucson Spring Training- $1,699
March Santa Ynez Spring Training– $1,699
April Brevard Spring Training– $1,899
April Tucson Climbing Camp- $1,149

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When you sign up for a CTS Camp, use coupon code- EROCK
It will save you $50.

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Snacking Success on the Go

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Nutrition for Total Body Fitness and Your Next Race

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Fruit for Thought – Fresh Fruit Alternatives
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