12733451_240818556251016_7589548356385365059_nOur Elephant Rock Ambassador Kim Gallman has been training for the 2016 Subaru Elephant Rock Century Ride.  In her blog post, she discusses her training plan and also her nutrition challenges.

I’m signed up for the Subraru Elephant Rock Century ride, which requires a lot of training.  As you work your way up in mileage, the time commitment gets bigger and bigger.  Outdoor training in Colorado can be a bit of a challenge in the spring time.  We have temperature swings of 40 -60 degrees in a 24-hour period.  Spring is also when we get most of our precipitation.

I won’t train inside, and I’m a cold weather wimp, so spring training presents even more of a challenge for me.  I have one very major thing working in my favor, and that’s the fact that I work in real estate, so I don’t keep traditional Monday through Friday hours.   I also watch the weather reports like a hawk.  At the beginning of every week I’ll take a look and see if it will make sense to do a long ride on the weekend when I have the best chance for company on my ride, or if I’ll have to arrange my week to block a weekday for a long ride.  When I am riding at 10am on a Monday I always wonder how the other cyclists I pass have the same flexibility I do.  It’s a fun game to take my mind off my (sometimes screaming!) quads.

Another tool I’m using this year is cross training by doing high intensity boot camp style workouts.  I feel like I’m more sore after a 1 hour workout in these classes than I am after a 50 mile ride!  It’s a little early to tell if it’s making a difference, but I do like changing it up a bit.  And it’s a perfect bad weather workout.

A constant struggle for me is my diet.  I’m 42, so the days of being able to eat like crap and get away with it are long gone.  I’m not great at eating clean, but I do try to keep it clean the day before a long ride.  Lean protein, lots of veggies and fruit.  I also do shakes on the morning of my ride because I never take in enough calories on those big burner days.  Diet is my weak link, so I’m a work in progress.

Now that we are cruising into May, and the weather becomes warmer and warmer, I’m more and more excited to spend all day on my bike.  I can’t wait for the Elephant Rock century ride and a great day of biking!

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