Hey everyone and welcome to my weekly cycling-tip column!  My goal is to help you all get ready for the Elephant Rock Ride that looms on the horizon.  We are now about 1 month out from the big event and I want to help you guys to feel prepared both mentally and physically the morning of June 5th.  As we count down each week, I will be bringing you a tip created from my experience preparing for big races such as the Tour de France.  I hope you enjoy!

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This weeks tip is planning. It sounds simple, and it is!  I have found that during my professional cycling career simple is what works the best.  When it’s simple, it seems attainable.  When it seems attainable, then it becomes achievable.  Looking down the barrel of the Elephant Rock Ride, the distance you have signed up may seem daunting.  Even scarier may be the fitness you are in now and where you’d like to be in the first week of June!

So how do you find your way through this labyrinth of life, work, and training?  My solution to this problem is simply by making a plan.  The first step in planning is to look at the distance that you have registered for at the Elephant Rock.  The next step is, whether you have ridden the E-Rock Ride or not in the past, to look at the course profile.  With the ride distance and profile you now have the information you need to determine what effort it will take to conquer the E-Rock.  This effort is made up from an estimation of the total time the ride will take you to complete it combined with the types of efforts you will have to make to get through it (power for hills, wind, etc).

Next you will have a look at your life schedule for the upcoming week.  In a weekly calendar, write down all of your commitments such as work, school, kids, etc detailing each day.  You will see in this calendar realistically how much time you can commit to training each day.  In each daily window for training you have set, plan out your workouts and rides that will touch on each type of effort you identified earlier that you will need to meet your Elephant Rock goal.  If you already do not have a set of workouts you prefer, the best way to come up with these is with a cycling coach (If you don’t have one, I might know somebody;)).  You’ve got ample time so it makes sense to do it correctly!

The last step of planning is execution.  You have the goal, you have the time, you have the workout, now it’s time to do it!  The best way to ensure the execution of the plan is to implement a few checks and balances.  One program I use that helps me with check and balances is Strava (www.strava.com).  You can download your daily rides here and it displays them over social media.  Here all your friends can follow your training!  In addition to this great feature, you can also see all of your hours and miles accumulate in one place.  It’s like a bank account for your miles that everyone can see!  Staying on top of your weekly plan will result in a nice weekend payday of miles you can show off to all of your friends.  A second check and balance is to find a training partner.  Whether it’s a daily ride with a buddy, or a weekly group ride, just having to meet someone at a certain time helps you get out the door.  Plus, riding with someone else helps to pass the time more quickly!

I hope you guys enjoyed this weekly tip on planning.  Join me on May 14th for a custom training ride created specifically to get you ready for the big day!  Register here as space is limited: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/subaru-elephant-rock-training-ride-with-tom-danielson-registration-25039868922?aff=ERockGroupRide1&inf_contact_key=a3f4a52dfa054917cc4d8674e7a99ce6

See you out on the road!

Tommy D

If you would like to learn more about working with Tom personally on your cycling goals, he can be contacted here: tom@cinchcycling.com

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