12742327_240792806253591_6205222605371500058_nOur Ambassador Andrea Browne shares her personal journey and inspiration to ride and represent the Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival. 

Almost exactly 8 years ago I picked triathlons up in efforts to find sobriety.  In training for triathlons I fell in love with cycling.  My first couple of races were on a cheap mountain bike.  My next tax return went to a Specialized Dolce road bike.  I loved that bike so much.  It helped me grow out of such an awkward period of life.

Getting sober was such a raw and painful period in life.  My mother and I would ride together all the time and still ride today.  I remember 7 years ago I did Elephant rock metric century with her.  It was such a sense of accomplishment for me.  I had so much fun!  I remembered my experience and did Elephant Rock the following year with a group of friends.  It has become my go to beginning of the season century!

As much as I love triathloning my heart really leans towards cycling.  I feel so free on a bicycle, I found a new sense of self and confidence that I couldn’t find anywhere else.   I have such a big group of wonderful friends that push me to ride when I’m not motivated.  I’m on several Facebook groups that I can always find motivation when I’m not feeling a ride.  Sometimes I’m slowed down and discouraged by my asthma, but I continually work with doctors to find the right treatment so I can continue to ride.

I am a firm believer that my limitations are limited and there is a solution for most obstacles.  I have overcome a lot to become the woman I am today and I like to put a lot of blame on the bicycle.  Look for me, wearing a cape on the Subaru Elephant Rock Ride!

I am so excited to see you out there, too!


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