12733451_240818556251016_7589548356385365059_nFrom: Ambassador Kim Gallman

So I’m here writing about training as it’s snowing, the fireplace is on, and the coffee will be in hand shortly. What wacked weather we have here in Colorado, at this rate I’m thinking Elephant Rock should be a dogsled race. This year I’m planning on riding the “metric-century”, which is approximately 62 miles. I chose that distance because I knew that with what I have going on personally and Colorado’s weather I wouldn’t have the time/ability to train for the 100 mile “century” ride. Having realistic goals is very important because if you’re not able to meet them discouragement can sabotage things.

I’ve tried to maintain a base level of fitness over the winter by riding occasionally when it has been nice out, and I’ve also been going to spin classes at my local YMCA. As E-Rock is fast approaching and the weather isn’t letting up, I’m ramping up how many times a week I’m going to those classes. Once the weather breaks I’ll be back out there riding some of the very same roads we’ll be on come June 5th! If you’re anything like me you’re ready for some warm summer days.

Since 2012, when I like to say “became a cyclist”, I have been using the Strava app to track my rides. To be fully honest I don’t even have a bike computer, but that’s mostly because I’m cheap. I did try other apps and found them to be inaccurate or overly simplistic. Strava has a premium – paid option, but have found that for my purposes the free version is absolutely fine. With it you get the fundamentals: speed, distance, elevation, and calories. Some of the bonuses: weekly, monthly and annual totals, also you can follow friends, and track when you add parts to your bike(s). Also a nice perk with Strava is that it isn’t limited to cycling; it can track a variety of sports to include skiing, running and even snowshoeing. Find it on the app store and see you at Subaru Elephant Rock!

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