The 30th annual Subaru Elephant Rock is the most popular cycling event in the Rocky Mountain region and one of the premier rides in the country. Here are a few insider tips from some of our long-time riders to help you make the most of this incredible community event.

Register Early – Take advantage of the early registration fees and make a commitment to training for the Subaru ERock. The next price increase is May 1. The fitter you are the more you will be able to challenge yourself with a longer course and the more enjoyable your ride will be. Often, the longer courses (100 and 60 millers) sell out. Early registration also allows you to take advantage of the pre-ride packet pick-up at your local bike shop. Click here to register.

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Camp at the Douglas County Fair Grounds – Catch those valuable morning zzz’s and wake up just a short stroll from the start of the ride. Many people don’t realize that tent and RV camping are available at the event venue. By spending the night at the start you can avoid getting up crazy early to drive to the start and park.

Tune Up your Bike – It’s always more fun to ride a bike that’s smooth and quiet. Take the time to have your bike tuned before the event and you’ll ride more efficiently and avoid problems on the road when you need a “steed” you can county on.

Start Your Ride Early – Spring in Colorado is really pretty predictable. Mornings are generally sunny and relatively calm. If there is going to be challenging weather, it usually rolls in the afternoon. The earlier you start your ride (especially if you’re riding a longer course) the better chance you’ll have of sailing through your ride if there is a shower or breeze.

Bring the Family – The Subaru ERock has courses designed for all ages and levels of cyclists, even kids. Kids who haven’t yet learned to love cycling like their parents seem to thrive on the excitement of riding with groups of other kids. Bring them down, ride a shorter course and jump-start their life-long love of cycling.

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Save a Little for the Tomah Climb – If you’re riding the Century (100 mile) or Metric Century (62 mile) courses, you’ll want to keep a little gas in the tank for the famous Tomah climb at mile 90 of the Century and mile 51 of the Metric Century. The Tomah climb is a nice little 2.5-mile bump with 700 feet of vertical climbing that sneaks up on you after a fast, slightly downhill run all the way from Palmer Lake. Knowing it is there and showing it a little respect by saving energy and eating right will make it a fun little challenge to end your ride. Letting this climb surprise you will leave you squinting for the finish!

Plan to Stay for the Subaru ERock Expo – Don’t forget to plan tho stick around for the post-ride lunch and Expo. In addition to a tasty Italian lunch included in your registration fee, there will be several local Food Trucks at the finish if you’re Jonesin’ for something else. Also, the ERock Expo is one of the largest cycling expos of the year to check out what’s new in cycling gear, gizmos and beyond.

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Training and Nutrition – There are lots of resources abvailable to learn more about how to train for your chosen course and what to eat before and during your ride. Take a few minutes to educate yourself and test what works best for you body and your goals. Our aid stations will be stocked with fresh fruit, light snacks as well as Clif Bars and Nuun hydration. Using profesional training servrvices like our partner Carmichael Trianing Systems can accelerate your training knowledge and fitness.

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