Charity Organization Fund Raising Team Program

The 2016 Subaru Elephant Rock charity fund raising program is designed to assist your organization in raising funds without the expense and time associated with overseeing the production of your own special event. We can help you focus your energies on building awareness, increasing team participation and raising more funds!

Click Here for Team Program Details 


Here’s how the Fund Raising Team Program works:

Once you and your team/organization have decided to be apart of the program, here is how to get started:

1. Assign a team captan who will be asked to register your team and coordinate with the event. Once you have created a team name, you can share that with all your team members so they can use it when they register (either through your internal registration process or through the event online registration provider).

2. Click here to complete a Fund Raising Team application. (all team captains must fill this out)

3. The team captan is responsible communicating with the event organizers and for overseeing the recruiting of fund raising team members. Each team member is asked to raise a minimum of $250 in funds fee for your organization. Your organization will pay the discounted registration fees to the ERock after the completion of the event. All courses apply (100, 62, 40, 27, 8 mile family ride).