Become an ERock Ambassador

The Subaru Elephant Rock is looking for a few good men and women to launch our 2015 Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is designed to reward fans of the ERock for their support and assistance in spreading the word through positive representation on the road and through social media.

Sorry to become a 2015 ambassador has pasted.  There is always next year.

What is an EROCK Ambassador?

A Subaru Elephant Rock Brand Ambassador is someone who loves time on their bike. They may belong to a club or team, race or participate in endurance rides, ride road or mountain or both – but more than anything, they possess a deep passion for everything cycling.

Becoming a Subaru Elephant Rock Brand Ambassador allows you to enjoy your love for our sport while sharing your cycling experience at the Subaru Elephant Rock with your friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of cycling.

Ideal qualities (but not all are absolutely required) include:

  • Active with a local club or participate in group rides
  • Love sharing cycling experiences with other people
  • Active and knowledgable on social media
  • Passionate about the Subaru Elephant Rock
  • Knowledgeable and informed about cycling culture.
  • Willing to spread the word about the Subaru Elephant Rock and who we are


  • Each Ambassador will receive:
  • Free entry into the 2105 Subaru Elephant Rock on June 7th
  • 2015 rider kit including jersey, socks, cap, etc…
  • Parking pass for up-close parking
  • Free coffee and light breakfast the morning of the ride
  • Ambassador Happy Hour Party in November
  • Input on the future of the Subaru Elephant Rock

Requirements and Guidelines

Each ERock Ambassador will be expected to represent the Subaru Elephant Rock in a fun, interesting and positive way that is unique to your own cycling interests.  The Subaru Elephant Rock attracts all kinds and levels of cyclists and is a different event for each of us. Here is our list of requirements:

 – Share information about the Subaru Elephant Rock event. Share with friends, family, colleagues, cyclists, local cycling businesses and clubs about your excitement for riding the Subaru Elephant Rock, invite cyclists to join you.
 – Have a personal or business website, a blog? Include links or references to the Subaru Elephant Rock on your website. Socially connected online? Share on only on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with information and links to the Subaru Elephant Rock. We can even provide suggested ideas, but you are open to being creative and having fun here. We encourage frequent communication about your cycling goals and accomplishments that inspire others. (Minimum requirements are to post 2 times a month to 1 favorite social media platform)
 – Wear the Subaru Elephant Rock gear when out in public and on group rides or just out riding your bike.
- Participate in our group discussions and surveys, as we strive to improve the event each year, help us with your insights and ideas.
- Above all else, when talking about the Subaru Elephant Rock event, always be professional, positive, and courteous. You are representing this event and the brand. Answer riders questions and guide them website to learn more. If you don’t know the answer to a question, that is okay, ask them to visit the website to learn more and use the contact page for additional information.

Please note, Ambassadors are not an employee, freelance, or contractor. This is a volunteer role. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payment of any kind beyond the referral commission. Affiliates serve from Feb 2015 to Nov 2015 and are encouraged to reapply on future years.

Subaru Elephant Rock Ambassadors serve both as race representatives and our consulting team. We look to you for feedback, tips, and new ideas. However the Subaru Elephant Rock reserves the right to remove any Ambassador from the team at any time due to poor conduct or sportsmanship, display of negative behaviors, fraud, or failure to perform duties. If an Ambassador decides to forego their position prior to the event day, they forfeit any complementary benefits such as race entry.